João Pedro e George Floyd (em inglês)

Crônica de Cidinha da Silva / Tradução de Natália Afonso

They have a compulsion and climax at the sight of our gushing blood. They won’t let us breath, they break our neck and are overjoyed with our pain. They shoot our boys at home, who had already been subdued, in the back.

They advertise genocide like a control mechanism, domestication of black-target bodies.

They kill us for pleasure and sadism, invested in the condition of heroes, enemy exterminators gestated in the basements of their white imaginary, rotten and cornered.

We choke up. That’s what slaughter is about, it’s everlasting, unstoppable, indefatigable, it’s dispatched from every direction in our direction.

We carry a cutlass for precise and profound incisions, a bowl with herbs to care for the ulcer, handfuls of gunpowder and wisdom to make fire, to blow up in flames this world that annihilates us.

We are buffalos, an obstinacy of buffalos. We have the strength that makes the lion weep and crushes it, like a cockroach.”

* Cidinha da Silva is the author of # parem de nos matar! (# StopKillingUs!) and Um Exu em Nova York (An Esú in New York), among others.”


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